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The Hidden Institute (Noblesse Oblige, #1) - Brand Gamblin Dickensian street urchins! Dystopian, steampunk, quasi-Victorian world! Bear polo! Witty, Jeeves-like robot butlers! Tattooed assassins! Balls! Intrigue! Illegal, underground school for the upwardly socially mobile! What's not to like?What kept this book from being a 4 star book?- There were transitions where I was left scratching my head wondering if my copy of the book was missing a chapter or two. The pacing seemed erratic. - The first half of the book, where Cliffy speaks in street slang, was tough to read. A little dialect is good -- too much made reading a chore.On the whole the book was amusing, funny, quirky, enough that I was glad I read it. I wish I could give 3.5 stars because this book is right on the border between "I liked it" and "I really liked it". I hope that the next book in the series (this is a series, right?) will be a more polished, smoother read. 
If you're looking for something a little different. A little quirky. And don't mind a book that is a little rough around the edges, read it.