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The Plagiarist - Hugh Howey tl;dr: Buy it right now, make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy. After reading this novella, I immediately bought all 5 books of Hugh's "Wool" series.Full Review:I really struggled with rating this book… Usually I rate books relative to other books in their genre but The Plagiarist came tantalizingly close to rising above the 'enjoyable quick-read sci-fi' category into the 'great, re-readable sci-fi' category. As an enjoyable story, it rates 5/5; as a classic, it rates a strong 3 or a weak 4.The Good:- While the Matrix/Inception-esque plot is not new, the author puts an interesting spin on it.- Adam is given enough depth to be both pathetic and sympathetic -- he is very human.- The world is well developed and feels tangibly real.The Not-So-Good:- I wish the ending had been more of a surprise or had more of a twist.- In some places the writing felt like the author was trying too hard. In other places the language was slightly awkward and didn't scan. A little polishing kept this novella from being amazing but please don't let that stop you from buying and reading it -- this is one of the best independent shorts I have read. And it comes so close to being great.