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The Death Cure - James Dashner Although I did not love The Scorch Trials (book 2), I waited impatiently for The Death Cure because I was eager to have questions answered. Let's recap some of the questions I had at the end of Book 2:Why would Tom and Theresa subject themselves and other children to these horrible trials? How much of what we are learning is real vs lies vs fabricated memories? Is WICKED really good? What is really happening in the outside world?The last question was answered. The others, no so much. Unlike the first two books which were plotted pretty tightly and pulled me along, this book got off to a slow start. It took me 2 weeks to read the first 120 pages and I almost abandoned the book. There were plot holes. While half of the characters got their memories back… no discussion ever happened between the character that did or didn't that provided any insight into the motivations and methods of Wicked. The relationship between Thomas and Theresa led nowhere. So much so that when Theresa died there was virtually no mention of the event or mourning. At the end of 3 books I still feel like I know nothing about Thomas, Theresa, Brenda, Minho, and Newt. I don't mourn those that died. I didn't cheer for the deus-ex-machina ending. Not everything is better with portals. I started reading this series because my son's reading teacher recommended it and my son read the first chapter and didn't like it. When my son asks if he should give this series a second chance, I will tell him to give it a pass.